On Truth and Beauty

ArdensEye Berkeley Times

First published in the Berkeley Times on Aug. 29, 2013

c. Arden Kamille Varnel

081613_2588 (1) The main studio looking eastward, with the library to the left and the family sitting area to the right.

081613_2592 (1) The area for family’s to wait while their kids take classes.

For the past year, Luna Dance Institute has occupied a new space that faces the northern end of Aquatic Park in Berkeley, CA. On a recent visit, Cherie Hill, one of the eight women in the dance collective, greeted me at the western entrance. As we toured the dance space, she explained dance education at Luna by first describing Teen Choreography, a one-year program for which teens must audition.

“When we teach teens choreography, they learn skills they can apply to all areas of their lives now and into the future,” Hill said. Then she elaborated how the teens learn to focus, think about their projects…

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