Who I am and Why I’m here

It’s like writing a Mission Statement, a brief sentence, two at the most, to get to the essence and use it as my guiding star in case I wander too far.

That’s basically it:

Underlying it all is my fundamental principle to be kind, compassionate and useful.  I want to contribute goodness to life, to real people. As for content, it’s an alchemical process, metaphorically turning lead into gold.

I move around a lot of subjects.  Over on Facebook, and for the past half year, I’ve watched what I do, say, write, re-post, and share.  It has taught me what I consistently care about enough to do all that, with a huge amount of time invested, and especially to write.  I write a lot on FB, e.g., in depth responses in the comments and personal notes about why I am putting something in my timeline to circulate out.

At the core is health, on all levels, especially body, mind and spirit health. Body: e.g. articles about food, exercise, breathing, sleep, nutrients, stress reduction and Somatic Experiencing.  Mind: many of my intellectual pursuits that have to do with Quantum Physics, Resonance, history, society, mathematics, Sacred Geometry and Crop Formations.  Spirit: meditation in different forms, eg Mindfulness, Zen, and guided visualization. Soulfulness is an undercurrent, how to be fully in the body and soulful in one’s life.

As a photographer, I look at images, and share those special to me as well as my own, sometimes suggesting competitions for my photography friends to enter.  As an artist, I publish my own art to share, and join my artist friends in opening show receptions.  I have a very colorful timeline, and I would have a similar style here: colorful.

As a writer, I read poetry and engage in writing poems and non-fiction, two sources for posts.  In fact, in another blog, I publish the stories I write  for the Berkeley Times.  I link those into this blog a few times a month, stories about Berkeley, CA. I also write about journal-keeping and art book writing. I write about  books I am reading, too.

Because of my education in psychology and personal growth, I post about mental health and happiness as well, my own and what is in the news.

Although that seems like a lot, it’s who I am.  I swim around in all that stuff and it’s familiar territory.  It is thrilling to grow and become a better person, and by sharing what I do and like, perhaps that passion for healing, growth and joy will resonate with someone, a reader.

Thanks for reading,


4 thoughts on “Who I am and Why I’m here”

  1. Hello Arden.
    You seem like a laydee right up my alley (as I sit here, learning, typing, posting and trolling, I’m listening to this (on youtube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBwXanY73mc .
    Your intro gives me a good insight into the reason’s I have chosen to follow you, and your interest’s are very much similar to mine!

    I look forward to your shares here on wordpress.
    Thank you for sharing.


      1. Hi,
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqycmJPLmGc called 1 hour Pineal Gland Activation. I’m 8 minutes into it and it’s okay.

        It’s an activation of the pineal gland, the physical location of the Third Eye Chakra, as it has been written. I don’t know if this music does in fact balance or activate the pineal gland, I will have to check it out for myself. The one you posted to me I listened to and found it not my style with the fast beats over the rain. I am going to do some experimenting with these types of recordings, as there are many on YouTube, for all the chakras, and for other reasons in meditation.

        I”m working up a new post. I’m going to visit yours soon.


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